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We are a design and construction company with over 20 years of experience serving Northern California. I’m a Certified Green Building Professional by Build It Green, and Level 3 Certified Building Performance Contractor. Contact me for a free design or building estimate.
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“Everyone  needs beauty as well as bread,  places to play in and pray in, Where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”
                                                   –  John Muir
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Build Green

Building Green really goes back to our ancestors homes. Thier homes were designed and built green. They use like cooling towers for hot climates and   other areas some used natural materials like clay plaster and stone. Today we dont have slave labor to build a mud hut or castle but what we do have is the knowlege and science. We take a look back at history and study and gain knowlege.  We also use science and technology  in  building construction and materials.  The end result is a home that has benefitted from  history, knowlege, sciene and tecnology.

Build Healthy

Bulild as healthy as you can., Its a good investment.   A healthful enviornment is where your want your familiy to play, create, norish and grow.   Water, food,enegy an air are the basic functions of your house that affects to your health. What about other parts  f the house that make up the whole.?  Your home really functions similar to you, and what your needs are. So design and build  a home that meets your needs and  norishes your body ,mind and spirit.

Build Smart.

Building Smart could be used to encompass all parts of  a building project including design, construction materials and project management. Building Smart starts from day one in the design board and doesn’t end until the last nail is set.